Sunday, May 05, 2013


WHATS GOOD FREAKS...? Its been a minute since I've talked to you all, Hope all is well. This will be the 1st of many reviews i do. So as many know i just recently moved to Atlanta, and ive been trying to find some hotspots for us dl freaks. Ive come across a place called Zone Amsterdam, a private facility for "MASCULINE" latin/black men.... and its a "DARK" space. OH and i almost forgot to mention... you must be BUTT ASS NAKED....!!! lol... 
So... 1st... there were hella dudes there.. about 80... The MAJORITY of the guys were actually masculine.. about 90%... The others were feminine as hell! Also the majority of the dudes were FINE ASS HELL.. With BIG ASS DICKS...! Ive never seen so many big dicks in 1 room in my life.. I was at first just mesmerized!! So when i 1st walked in i stayed downstairs for a while, but im hella dl.. and its WAYYY to bright down there so i went upstairs to see what was goin on. You cant see no ones face, only body and kindof their dicks... Yo... there was 1 MAJOR TURN OFF that Zone Amsterdam MUST find a way to control, and that is these dudes ODORS!! That shit was DISGUSTING. Niggas was musty, and smelt like shit!! smh. I promise i will NEVER go back there until some kindof scent test or something is done. Im SHOCKED they upgraded locations and didn't put a shower in the facility... You got dudes in here fuckin and don't have a shower?? Thats crazy...! I feel like if yall gon' have us strip down naked yall need to sniff us to make sure we clean.. lol... Nah but real talk, something must be done about this rachetness.. I left after being there only 35minutes.. That smell was just too overbearing.. I aint touch nothing and when i got home i took the LONGEST shower.. I just felt dirty!! SMH...


  1. Now that's interesting that you would say we don't have a shower. How would you know if you didn't ask. However such is life. A Good Reviewer would have asked questions with front desk personnel. However we are not responsible for our clients personal individual hygiene. Any further issues or concerns should be directed to Take Care!

  2. Zone is the worst spot. Customer service is non existent and the owner has no respect for his clientele. The place uses watered down lube and serves alcohol which is in violation of the law and opening the place up to an eventual police raid. Zone Amsterdam has moved a total of 5 times in the last 18 months. The environment is unsanitary. The facility has 3 mattresses that are never properly sanitized and harbor contagions. Check it out for yourself. Oh. The owner went up on the price $15 dollars. $15 for inferior service and quallity. Don't believe me check it out for yourself

  3. I just seen this post and let me add to it. I went to Zone Amsterdam 1 time its in a former auto repair garage/gym. It has 3 mattresses that are never care for and filthy. The Bathrooms are never properly maintained and adequate amount of soap is non existent. There is one shower that no noen uses and you would not know its there unless you happened upon it. The Owner is very arrogant and the other staff are very rude and nasty and very unprofessional. The lube that is provide is Equate brand watered down water based lube that is is a pump bottle and you have to travel back and forth up stairs to get it. Zone serves watered down alcohol in Dixie cups. You place your belonging in a laundry bag and is not sufficiently secured and items have been known to come up missing. The license is very shady and the health department is reported to have a case file on the facility regarding std outbreaks originating from there in large numbers. I will never return. Be warned